Housing and education

Ok, so things work differently in different countries. In Sweden we choose where we want to live and then we decide which school we want our kids to go to. It is all up to you as a family. In the States things doesn’t work that way. First we have to find the school we want the girls to attend, and after that we can start looking at houses to rent within that school district. That kind of narrow things down when it comes to housing options…

So, we found a school we really liked. We decided to contact them for a tour when we went for our ”pre-visit”. It was a great school! We got a very good reception from the principal and the vice principal. They gave us and the girls a tour of the school and we got to meet some of the staff and also some of the students at the school. I really liked what I saw, but the girls felt that the school was too big and as our oldest daughter put it: ”Mom, I will never be able to find my way around this school!”

A few days later we met with the real estate agent who had promised to help us in finding somewhere to live. It turns out that finding a rental might be a little tricky. At least he had managed to find one house he could show us. But it was in another school district. So, we went – and that house was fantastic! The girls loved it and couldn’t care less which school they would have to go to…

We took a chance and drove by the school that they would go to if we decided to rent the house we had been shown. Maybe someone would have a few minutes to just show us around, if we were lucky…

What a reception we got! The principal greeted us and she gave us a tour of the school. She answered all our questions and gave us contact information to two families that had kids attending the school.

So, it is now officially decided; we need to find a house within this school district.

Decision time

How about moving to the States?

How do you answer that question? “No thanks, feels a bit too complicated…” After 17 years and 10 previous relocations both domestic and international the only answer we could come up with was, as always; “Sure, why not?! Let’s see where this road takes us!”

So, here we are. In 5 weeks my husband will start his new job in Tennessee. We have no place to live and in another 4 months I will leave our home here in northern Sweden together with our two daughters and our soon 1-year old Labrador.

The to-do-list is rapidly growing…

·        Find a house to rent

·        Find a school for the girls

·        Prepare the girls for leaving their country

·        How do you transport a 30 kg Labrador across the Atlantic?

·        What do we do with our home in Sweden?

·        How on earth do you decide what to take with you?

This list could go on forever, but there are obviously a tremendous amount of things and issues to deal with. And we haven’t even begun thinking about all the emotional ups and downs that most likely will occur as we proceed…

With this blog, I want to create a diary for the family to keep up with everything that will happen during the three years we plan to live abroad. Maybe it will also turn out to be interesting for others out there who are planning to move, want to move, dream of moving or just want to follow us as we embark on this journey!

Country roads, take me home!